Though most people might not think so, staying together with someone you love for many years is a lot sexier than trying to find love and romance with someone new.  Unless your relationship is severely broken, it is always better to try to save it. Many people think that being single and on the dating scene is going to be much more exciting than being in a relationship – trust me, it’s usually not that way at all. I’ve been there, I know.  Relationship sex is almost always better than sex with someone casual.

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Here we are again – another February 14th.  Time to get chocolates, flowers, maybe have a romantic dinner and tell each other that’s we’re still in love.  But can you take a little something from today and spread it over the next 365 days?  Sure you can!


Here’s a few suggestions to try starting tomorrow…


1).  Take the time every day to look into each others eyes and say “I love you.”  Sounds simple right?  But so many of us don’t do it.

2).  Surprise your mate with a small gift every week.  It doesn’t have to anything expensive.  Maybe a candy, a new cd or dvd.  It’s the thought that counts.

3).  Express your feelings in public.  Hold hands, kiss each other in front of friends or family.  so many of us are shy about expressing our love in public and then we get out of practice and can’t seem to do it in private.

4). Compliment your mate every day.  Saying something like,  “you look great today”  or “you handled that really well” can go a long way in making them  feel loved and  wanted.

5).  Don’t go to sleep with the TV on.  Even if you have a TV in your bedroom, try to turn it off before you both go to sleep and spend five minutes connecting and maybe giving  him/her a massage before they drift off into slumber.  They’ll remember you well in their dreams, and when they wake up!


It’s the small things every day that can really make a relationship last.  It’s not rocket science after all.  A kind word of appreciation, a loving look or touch – these things every day will keep the love fires burning.


Happy Valentine’sDay!


Maggie Arana

February 14, 2013


Now that we are officially in the holiday season, it’s important to remember to spend some romantic time with your spouse, even during the hectic days of Christmas. Often we forget to spend time with our mate because we are focused on everyone else during this time of year – the kids, the in-laws coming to town etc..

Here are some suggestions of things you can do together:
1). Spend at least one evening a week with just the two of you. Even if you have popele staying over, you can still make time for each other. Often the in-laws are great babysitters!
2). Bake a Holiday cake or pie together. And then spend the next couple of days eating it!
3). Take a walk together at a nearby mall – not to shop, but to enjoy the holiday decor and then to have dinner somewhere romantic.
4). Go away for a couple of days to a romantic inn or motel. It can even be somewhere close by.
5). Surpirse your mate by buying an expensive bottle of champagne to share together – for no occassion at all. Just to celebrate your relationship.

It’s amazing what a few simple things can do to create memories that will last forever. Because the Holidays are for family, friends, and yes, romance too.

Maggie Arana
November 30, 2012



Hi Everyone!

I just did an interview  yesterday with Vipp Jaswal for Fox News Radio in New York.  He’s got a great voice, asked great questions, and I think I provided some great answers. 


We covered several topics, such as…

Why do married couples stop having sex?

Do men have a different attitude towards sex than women?

And most importantly…What can you do to get the magic back?


Vipp had some very insightful questions and comments.  It’s nice to hear a man’s point of view.  The link to the entertaining interview is below.  If you listen and leave a comment with your e-mail address, I’d be happy to send you a chapter from the book.



Maggie Arana

Nove.ber 16, 2012




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Summer is a great time of year to relax with friends and family, to spend an afternoon alone reading that book you’ve been wanting to read for months, or to just simply take a walk in your neighborhood and smell the summer flowers.  It’s also a great time of the year to relax with your spouse over a glass of wine in the summer twilight and re-connect with each other. Many times we get so caught up with the chores of maintaining a household together that we forget what’s really important – maintaining our relationship with each other. And it’s not difficult to do.  Even planning ahead  is ok because often if we don’t plan something, it doesn’t seem to happen.
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